Project: Turn-Key, Mobile Hospital ICU-Covid -19©

Turn-Key, Mobile ICU for COVID-19©, involves the following scope of supply:

  • A complete, operational hospital for ICU (Intensive Care Unit), with capacity for the high quality of treatment of up to 15 patients, in the critical phase of COVID-19 or equivalent infection. Three complete, separate bedposts including state-of-the-art respirators. It will also be able to perform minor surgical operations, under the full infection protective regime.  The estimated project cost is approximately USD 2 – 2,5 million per unit.
  • At request we can also provide a course to educate/train medical personnel in use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment), disease protection for the personnel, and safe operation of the ICU unit. The course will be run by highly qualified and experienced tutors from Norway.
  • The ICU unit will be certificated to be constructed and operated according to the highest standards of approval from the Norwegian Health Authorities.
  • The ICU unit is based on modules consisting of standard steel containers. It is therefore mobile and can be transported and assembled where the need is greatest.
  • Market potential by standardizing the construction method and the use of modules, the ICU unit can be built with a short delivery time. The device can also be mass produced and assembled in locations that need to increase its current ICU capacity.
  • The ICU unit will be equipped with the required number of respirators from its own production. The group is also working to produce additional respirators for delivery to ordinary hospitals in Norway and for assistance to developing countries.
  • The group has initially worked closely with Norwegian Health Authorities, medical expertise specializing in infection control, anesthesia, and intensive care medicine.
  • All the components necessary for the project are found and available in Norway and can be produced and supplied by Norwegian suppliers.
  • The project is prepared - and made suitable for use in developing countries according to the UN "Vision 2030” – solutions for health and education in developing countries, towards solutions for health, especially aimed at contagious diseases like the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding.
  • The project is designed for fast transport world-wide, with standard transport equipment for containers.
  • The modular technical solution allows ICU Mobile Hospital© to be assembled and disassembled in a single operation, anywhere, where needed.

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