Turn-Key Mobile ICU for contagious diseases as COVID-19©

Turn-Key, mobil ICU for COVID-19©

The project group in Mobile Hospital AS, and partners, has prepared plans for the project:

Turn-Key, Mobile ICU for COVID-19.

The group consists of the companies OBS Technology AS and Mobile Hospital AS. In addition, the group has associated medical expertise who, on a voluntary basis, wants to be advisors in the fields of anesthesia, intensive medicine and infection control.

The pictures above shows possible placements of our unike ICU, that can be made for 5, 10 or 15 pasients in late stage situasjon that may call for the need of respirators.

The state of the art respirator, made by OBS technology AS, can also transport unclean air away from the room as the pasient breath out.

Please see product fane for naer description