Turn-Key Mobile ICU Hospital for COVID-19 disease

The Turn-Key mobile ICU Hospital for COVID-19 disease

At the present at the COVID-19 pandemic there is a big demand around the world for critical care beds, prepared for contagious diseases (ICU). 

Company "Mobile Hospital  AS (Ltd.) has developed a solution to respond this demand with our new product; a mobile, flexible Turn-Key ICU Hospital.

With this mobile and flexible solution, exicisting hospitals can operate with their normal patient-groups and treat the COVID-19 patients in extern state-of-the-art ICU units. If the demand for IC-beds increases, then the unit can be extended in short time. When the pandemic is at end, then our unit can be moved to another location or stored for future readiness.

We have on this page, made alternative placements on different locations of our ICU, as examples. 

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